A light beam can be split such that one beam travels a longer distance than the other. When these split beams are recombined, the light interferes – creating either constructive or destructive interference, depending on the difference in path length. This principle of optical interferometry can be used to measure extremely small displacements or motions of a vibrating surface; in fact, interference of light waves has long been the most sensitive way to measure small displacements in nature.

At Silicon Audio, we harness the sensitivity and fidelity of optical sensing in a robust package using novel, microscale architectures free of critical alignment tolerances. We combine semiconductor light sources, diffractive optical elements, and photo-detection electronics to realize readout systems with sub-angstrom displacement detection resolution. In microphone applications, the displacement of a membrane is measured as it deforms under sound pressure. In seismic applications, the displacement is that of a proof mass responding to small vibrations of the earth’s surface. In all cases, the result is a sensor with unprecedented detection fidelity.

Our core competency in building an optical interferometer calls upon expertise in low-noise, low-power analog electronics, closed-loop control systems, and advanced optical modeling routed in both scalar and full vector wave models.




Silicon Audio reworked the reliable, traditional geophone to include an optical interferometer, resulting in a scientific-grade seismometer that can withstand the demands of exploration deployment.




By integrating an optical interferometer in a MEMS microphone, Silicon Audio achieved superior SNR in an ultra-miniature size.



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