Our company is a small group of individuals, seen as equals and gaining respect and momentum through our work together.

We work hard. We work smart. We work critically. As a result, the technologies that make it out our doors are tenfold better than the commodities they replace.


Andrea Alú

Andrea Alú is CTO of Silicon Audio RF Circulator, LLC, an affiliated company created in 2014 to commercialize circulator technology invented by Andrea and his group members at The University of Texas at Austin and exclusively licensed by Silicon Audio. Andrea chose Silicon Audio as a development and commercialization partner because of its relevant technological aptitude and track record of successfully bringing innovative technology out of the academic realm and into the commercial space.

In addition to his CTO role, Andrea is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. His areas of expertise include electromagnetics, acoustics, and advanced materials research, including metamaterials and plasmonic nanomaterials. Widely recognized for groundbreaking research, Andrea has authored over 250 journal papers, 23 book chapters, 450 conference papers, and is attributed with over 10,000 citations.


Caesar Garcia

Caesar Garcia is a Senior Engineer at Silicon Audio. Caesar works with potential customers, diving deep into their challenges, and exploring technology that could change the status quo for their industries. At Silicon Audio, Caesar holds the vision for upcoming products and manages an engineering team that develops them.

Prior to Silicon Audio, Caesar studied packaging and characterization of MEMS optical microphones at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As Silicon Audio’s first and longest tenure employee, Caesar co-invented and helped to create and design core MEMS and optical technologies at Silicon Audio. His technical and managerial expertise is further supported by his competitive, world-class drive with experience as a member of the 2004 United States Olympic Team.


Neal Hall

Neal Hall is the CTO of Silicon Audio. Neal is the driving force behind Silicon Audio's humble but hungry team of engineers, pushing daily for better-performing technology and finding the right development team to get that technology into the hands of customers.

Before founding Silicon Audio in 2007, Neal worked as an Intelligence Community (IC) post-doc at Sandia National Labs. Neal is also a professor at The University of Texas at Austin, leading his team to become an internationally recognized silicon-based sensors research group.



Wendy is COO of Silicon Audio. Wendy manages the operational and business infrastructure of the company so that the engineering team can focus solely on creating the best technology possible.

Before working at Silicon Audio, Wendy spent 20 years mobilizing teams, maximizing resources, and managing budgets across diverse industries and sectors. She helps initiatives, programs, companies, organizations, and technologies take off or change their status quo.



Coe is CEO of Silicon Audio. Coe drives the company onward and upward by taking innovative technologies to the finish line through unique market channels and strategic partnerships.

Before joining Silicon Audio, Coe spent seven years in commercial finance – three years as SVP of finance at Ernest Health, Inc. and four years as vice president and leading producer at a commercial bank, where he was responsible for the origination and syndication of debt for industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. Before working in commercial finance, Coe founded a custom furniture-making company and also worked as an engineer for a leading automotive manufacturer. Coe's diverse background enables him to identify market needs and demands, and ready the necessary team, technology, and network to pioneer a solution.