Where work meets life meets play...meets amazing technology

Here at Silicon Audio, we love our office, a studio-style lab with concrete floors where ideas bounce freely. Comfortably detached from the outside world but able to see the city moving around us: a city and a world laden with engineering projects waiting to be solved. Oil in the ground. Devices in pockets. Wind across surfaces. Experiments everywhere.

Here’s what a day in our office might look like:


Good morning

Tucked in Penn Field, a historic area of Austin on South Congress, our space resides among other small offices – some startups, others tried-and-true household names.


office feel and flow

We work on a flexible schedule and are all in the office by 10am. However, “in the office” doesn’t mean tied to a desk. In fact, we’re often not at desks, and rarely is there someone at the front desk. We missed so many package deliveries that we had to make a sign – we really are here. Really. Come find us. We’re deeply engrossed in…something.


Research. rework. research. rework

Mornings for some are spent working together through R&D tests, reviewing results, growing through failures, and pushing product design and development further.


Corporate conversations

Others are engaged in the business side. Managing trade-offs between cost and performance. Evaluating manufacturing capabilities. Finding the right development partners.


Local Lunches

A benefit of our Central Austin location is that we can walk to a local lunch joint. We can ride bikes to a freshwater spring pool. There’s even a karaoke bar down the street next to a legendary theater…


Workspace Whereabouts

Eventually, some of us make it to our desks. Just documenting this one for posterity’s sake.


Life in the Build Room

We’re not at desks because we’re working in our manufacturing space at tables covered in sophisticated tools and equipment. We’re inundated with technology challenges. And ideas. And also failures. But mostly ideas.


Office Obstacles

We also have friendly competition. Each new employee builds a balsa wood airplane and flies it in an internal competition. There are many technical rules. There are even more style rules. There are winners. There are losers. There are most definitely bragging rights.